Friday, May 13, 2011

new computer, bird poop, and pottery

My son built us a new computer so I'm giving this a try for the first time.  Loading pictures is a little different with this one.  Here's a few, some pottery, some not.
A bird used this rake hanging under our carport to help support a nest.  You can hear lots of little peeps coming from it.  I guess they'll be moved out when we need it this fall.

I put these plates outside to speed up drying, then left to run errands. Naturally, a bird pooped on  one. I guess I put it too close to that rake nest.

Not real happy with the glaze on these. I often do like to see some clay body showing through, and now I remember thinning down this glaze because I thought it was too thick last time I used it.  Think I overdid it.  I may try to reglaze these- always tricky to get good results trying to glaze on already fired ware. This was a specific customer request, so of course something would go wrong.

Some glaze tests.  The one on the right is supposed to be purple.  I was hoping for something else.  This definitely isn't it.  The one in the middle has a little green in it. You can see it best in the next shot. It is a combination of two glazes I already have.  Might be a possibility.  The strong green glaze is not food safe.  I had planter pots/outdoor pieces in mind for it.   

Better shot of middle glaze.  A transparent green where thick.

Another test.  I ran out of test tiles so I used this wick holder.  This is two glazes I already had mixed up.  Grace's Blue layered over Albany Slip Plum.  Interesting, but wants to run.

And here's Red making himself at home on the work table.

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