Monday, May 23, 2011

rock, paper...

No scissors.  Rock, sandpaper, busted bisqueware, and block sander were my tools for grinding away the "nubs" from recently bisque fired berry bowls.   Nubs are the rough places that get pushed out when I cut the holes. It took 2 hours to smooth out 9 bowls.  Please remind me of this next year when I get the idea in my head to make more of these.  I have tried smoothing the nubs out hole by hole when the clay is still moist but that takes even longer. 
Sorry about this.  I know I already complained about not being able to charge enough for the time spent on making berry bowls.  On the positive side, this drudgery with the berry bowls has gotten me thinking about making the stuff I really want to make.

I'm a functional potter. Well, put it this way, I make functional pottery. Some purely decorative items too, but mostly functional. And although I embrace the craft involved- a good fitting lid, a comfortable handle, I am also motivated by the art involved.  I need to remind myself of this now and then to make sure I balance out the more mundane tasks and physical work with creative process.       
See the nubs?

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