Friday, June 3, 2011

fresh from the kiln

We've had a couple of gorgeous days with cool nights.  Perfect for firing the kiln, which I did yesterday.  Here's a peek of the kiln opening:              
Some nice summery colors.  There's not even any brown, unless you count one of the glaze tests- unusual for me.

A "before" of some test tiles.

And the "after" fired a hard cone 6.

This Temmoku glaze has gold flecks in it.  Doesn't show up so well in this photo.

A Chun glaze over the Temmoku. I used some different materials in a couple of glazes this time.-  I had never heard of Epsom salts or borax as glaze materials before.  I may go into more detail about these glazes at another posting. 

Yeah, berry bowls!  I still have a few left to fire, as I couldn't fit all in the kiln this time.

The fence-sitting birdbath.  I was really worried about this.  I only made one because it was so time consuming to build.  I knew it would be a bit risky with all those seams, even though I let it dry very slowly and as evenly as possible. There are a few surface cracks.  A small one inside at the far right ginko leaf, and a couple more along the bottom outside seam.  Because of these, I may offer to let the customer try it out for the summer before paying me.  I think it will hold up fine, though.

I was just having fun with my camera because it is such a beautiful day and I bought a tripod for myself this morning.  Previously, I had been borrowing the one I bought my son for Christmas.  But it often gets left at his friend's house when they video their band practices.  So, time for my own.

This green glaze is nice over the white. I don't think the rutile over the stamped design is really adds anything, though.  Will probably leave that off next time.

Just did these two mugs in this glaze combo- same base glaze with cobalt in the blue and rutile in the yellow.

Little wall piece.  Will add wire for hanging.  Click on this one to enlarge it.  Lot's of texture, plus you get to see all the little plants and mossy stones, etc.

French butter crock nestled among the catmint.  Notice the bee on the blossoms in the upper right.

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