Wednesday, August 31, 2011

pumpkins, acorns, and french butter crocks

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, getting ready to get my etsy shop going again.  Because of my lack of skill with photography it takes many, many pictures to get five acceptable shots. But in between these photo sessions I have been working on a few things, so I thought I'd take pictures of some of the recent stuff to show you.
I'm using the "closed form" idea for these pumpkins.  If I don't quite have enough clay left for a good stem I roll out a small coil which I insert in the neck of the pot and keep on throwing. Sometimes, if there's enough clay to work with I pull the stem like I would pull a handle for a mug. 
A couple glazes I like for these are a satin burnt orange and a speckled off-white.  Colors you might consider natural, although I'm not trying for realistic.

Acorn finials-  I throw these upside down, trim the rounded top, then attach a small ball of clay and throw the little pointy part.  Glaze?  Can't decide yet.

French butter crocks.  A customer requested the bird design.  Naturally, that means making several since the lids on these sometimes develop a hair-line crack.  Frustrating. 

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