Thursday, November 10, 2011

photos- new and improved, I hope

My photography background paper came today, so four hours later I had things set up in the basement.  I'm missing one light, but tried taking one picture just to try it out anyway.  Looks promising.  I chose this particular salt pig to photograph because of its highly reflective glaze.  It gave me fits to photograph before- all that glare to deal with.

 I saw this set-up for photographing pottery some months ago-  I was reluctant to try it out because it looked like it takes a fair amount of space. But I was taking so much time fussing with lighting and not getting satisfactory results, I finally gave in to trying another way.  This is a cheaper version of Michael Coffee's set-up.  That's foamboard being used as the reflector panel.  I'm using a 13 watt daylight compact florescent bulb in the clip-on lamp.  The backdrop paper is supposed to be neutral gray, which is one of the colors Michael recommended, but they sent me thunder gray.  So I'll pick up another light soon, play around a little with the positioning of the foamboard, and see what happens. 
Update- I had an email conversation with the company that sold me the paper.  They said they have two warehouses and neutral gray is labeled thunder gray at one of them.    

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  1. Hi Melissa! I was looking for Michael Coffee's article (couldn't find my bookmark or remember his name) to help out a fellow Etsian and came across your post. After sharing it in the forum I came back here to read more and saw you're in Marietta. My in-laws are in Marietta! Then I saw you mention the Farmers Market. I went to the market last year (maybe Easter) with my MIL, Dell, and I met you! Crazy coincidence! So, "Hi" again and love your blog! Carolyn


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