Saturday, December 3, 2011

studio cat

Sometimes Red just has to be part of the process.  Yesterday I left the basement for a minute and when I came back I found him checking out the project I was working on.
This wreath was precariously perched on my wheel, as my work table is taken up with bisqueware.  Also notice it has become a temporary holder for my glaze notebook.  I quickly moved the wreath to a safer place.  I already dropped and broke a star myself.  Don't need more help with that. 

I used the wreath to display these stars.  I sold all but one today at the market, but have a few more I hope to fire this week. The market was busy today. My next firing will be the last one before Christmas- hint, hint.   

What?  Is there a problem?  Red can be quite persistent when he wants to be a studio buddy.


  1. What a very cute kitty photo! Very nice star ornament :)

  2. He is cute, in a Tom Sawyer-ish way.

  3. I have three persistent cats, thank goodness they seem more sure footed than I am, what a great way to display your ornaments, that has given me a great idea, thanks.


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