Saturday, December 17, 2011

a week later

Well, here's what I was going to post last week but didn't since I had that little memory problem with my camera. 
 Fun with wax resist.  This is Randy's Red on top of a Grace's base with gray stain. I used this combination on an acorn finial and wanted to explore it a little more. These are soup/cereal-size bowls.  I have these at the market right now.

 A larger, serving bowl.  The rims are plain Randy's Red with a little of my clear w/iron oxide brushed on to get that fluxing action.

Decided some pine branches painted on these plates might be Christmas-y.
One went to a woman who used to live in Maine and said it reminded her of the piney woods there. She bought something else too but I remembered the plate because it seemed to make such a connection with her.
  I had these bisqued plates left over from a commisson I did a while back.  I had been avoiding making plates, but a customer tricked me into making them.  First, she asked for mugs in a certain glaze. Then she wanted cereal bowls in that glaze.  When those were delivered she wanted plates.  So how could I refuse when she was two-thirds on the way to a matching set?   Anyway, after years of plate avoidance, I was feeling insecure and made many more than needed.  You know, just in case.    

 Um...oops.  Thought there was p-l-e-n-t-y room between that cone pack and the star.  Luckily, I was able to snap them apart without any breakage.  More pendants.  Today at the market Kate (the jewelry vendor) was wearing the one I first fired, which she did her jewelry magic on.  I should have thought to take a picture, but it was pretty busy at the market so that's my excuse.  She was going to post it on a jewelry website so maybe I can get the link. 

 More stars. These sold like hotcakes.  I only made a couple dozen.  Guess I'll know to make more next year.

I get nagged at occasionally to make new designs for cookie stamps. They're not really what I like to spend my time on pottery-wise, but once I am actually making cookies with them I feel like I'm sort of providing a service to the community by making these available.  These cookies are good!

Samples last week at the market.  The plastic wrap doesn't look so good- wanted to be able to lift cookies in case a customer wanted to see the plate.
The market is open on the 24th but I won't be there.  I'm pretty sure it would be slow for me.  Not that may last minute pottery shoppers out there.  So if you're a market customer I'll see you next year!


  1. Everything looks super, love the fluxing action on that bowl and the pine plates are great.

  2. I can almost smell the pine branches. Perfect for the season. ~Mary

  3. Thanks Linda, The pine plates went over well at the market. The bowls didn't get much attention- colors or not the right timing? Always a puzzle to me.

    Hello Mary, Thanks and good to hear from you.


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