Thursday, May 10, 2012

just be quiet

Sometimes you just have to drop something.  I was rushing to get glazing done so I'd get a firing in last week in anticipation of Mother's Day sales and to fulfill a couple of commissions while painting the living room and trying to figure out how I'd get ready for a show in June and where to find a good upholsterer for a busted chair, then dealing with the wreckage in the rest of the house that results from non-stop painting and glazing. Was that an impressive run-on sentence, or what?  A few days ago I made the decision to drop the show and immediately started sleeping better.  All that head noise just went away.  This show will be outdoors.  So far, I've dodged the outdoor shows and I wasn't looking forward to having to buy a canopy tent, having to set it up, and having to store it.  And what if it rains?  So what if you have a tent- who's going to show up?

Enough ranting. The berry bowls are here!
 I didn't get all of them fired because of the commission work I wanted to get in the kiln, so there will be more coming.

More knobs for the driftwood hangers (previous post) and a couple of new cookie presses.  There will be a special breakfast at the farmer's market for our customers this Sat. so I may try out the new cookie presses in time for it.  I know, cookies for breakfast. Bad.  But you can come by and get a berry bowl for those healthy strawberries you'll be buying at the market.

 This is what I use to make the holes in the berry bowls and the knobs.  The screw is just for size reference.  The brass tubing (I'm not sure that's what it's called) is from the hardware store.  I cut it at an angle and sharpened/beveled the angled end a little.  My son gave me some accessories for my Dremmel tool last Christmas that were just right for this little job.  The only thing it needs is a dowel rod stuck in the other end to make it more comfortable to hold. 

 Pleased with the way the glaze worked on this hanging.  Chartreuse with gunmetal around the edge. 

Here's a neat little benefit from having an Etsy shop I wasn't expecting- I was contacted about selling some honey jars wholesale to The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio.  It seems the buyer was looking for made-in-Ohio honey jars to go with some honey they are selling in the museum shop.  I've never been there, but now that I know it exists I'll have to check it out if I'm in the area. 


  1. I must be dense because I can't figure out how you attach the knobs which are great with that rustic wood, the tile with the chartreuse is a wonderful color and style, I happen to love that color, I know all about rush around doing too much, take it from me best to slow down for sure, since I fell and really hurt myself which made me slow down, wishing you good sales at the market.

    1. Oh, I just placed those knobs on there for the picture. Use flat head wood screws when I actually attach them.
      Your gardening incident reminded me of an encounter I had with a retaining wall a few years ago. Ouch.


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