Tuesday, October 23, 2012

sometimes they let me out of the basement


I was surprised I didn't see any deer when I was out hiking the trail and wondered if they were hanging out in our backyard while here I was in the woods.
I recently saw a post by a blogger in Norway about how to deter deer from eating everything in your garden by hanging flags that sort of look like deer butts.  The translation is a little sketchy so I'm not sure I got the reasoning for this.  I'll be checking back to see how it works.


  1. Hello, I think its my blog you mean :)
    It was an experiment, and it didn,t work at all!!
    The idea is to imitate the deer butt yes, because they use it as a signal to other deers with danger and on the run-as their butt gets extra white.
    I have tryed everything to keep them out of my garden, but nothing works- so we have to make a really high fence, sigh..
    Greetings from Tone in Norway

  2. Hello Tone, Yes it was your blog. Too bad it didn't work. If it had there would be a lot of deer butt flags around my neighborhood.


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