Tuesday, December 18, 2012

etsy neglect, last minute shopping, etc...

Now that things have settled down- last firing for the season done, some house projects most of the way done, uh, Christmas shopping not done, I actually wouldn't mind some etsy sales.  However, I have let my stock dwindle on purpose-  Not happy with my photos and need to stick with a direction for the shop, not the complete hodge-podge it's been.  Here's some good info from Emily Murphy's blog post about photographing pottery which I found on Musing about Mud's blog. So, I believe I'll be doing a little experimenting this January.  She (Emily Murphy) not only shows and explains her set-up but lists links for others.  The one using natural light really appeals to me, but may not be practical with some of my glossy glazes.

And now for the pretty picture segment of our show to help the last minute shoppers in the area make up their minds:  Here are a few things I've bought at River City Farmer's Market for myself.

A painting by Gale Karcher.
The black background is flat with all those individually painted wood pieces glued on top.

My well-used kitchen wash cloths.  A couple of different vendors make these crocheted cotton cloths.  I like them because they hold up better than store-bought.  Look better too. Notice they are right next to my own honey jar, which is filled with honey from a market vendor.  Oh, (light bulb) a gift idea- honey and a honey jar.
A wall hanging by Debbie Cunningham.  I have this hanging on a cabinet in the guest bedroom.  That's and old beaded purse that belonged to someone in my family hanging above it.

Oh yeah, and some earrings made by Kate Mulligan and Janet Smith, and a flax-seed filled heating pad from Strahler's for my neck. Also, I've bought several wooden boxes from George Corbitt for gifts.  He just brought in some new ones with inlaid figures of horses and herons that are amazingly detailed.  Come and see!

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