Sunday, December 2, 2012

the show which remains nameless

I should have one more firing before Christmas then that's it.  I haven't actually had my hands on raw clay for several weeks, unless you count making the cone packs.  Just fire, glaze, fire, glaze. I have been crazy busy with getting ready for a show which took place Friday night plus filling commissions.  The show did not go well. Hours were 6 PM to 10 PM.  I left an hour early.  I have never done that before, but this was such a poorly attended show there was no point in staying. The show fee was fifty bucks and I only made fifty-nine. Profit of $9.00. When I was first contacted about this show I was told they were trying to get more artisan-type work to improve the quality of the show so, obviously, if they were needing to improve I couldn't expect a stellar show. I thought I'd give it a shot, though, because it might be an opportunity to inform people I haven't yet reached about where I usually sell. But where were the other artisans?  Most of it seemed to  be commercial items like Home Decor, etc.  This was the fifth year for this show and I think their audience was maxed out. Why would anyone take the effort to go to a show to buy stuff you see at Walmart or the home sections at mall stores?  The organization that put on this show gives scholarship money to young women.  Good Cause- that's what one of the other exhibitors kept saying, I suppose to feel better about not making any money.  I agree it's a good cause but I work hard, make each piece by hand, and expect to get paid for my time.  I'm not naming the organization or the show because I do not intend to embarrass them. I'm sure they saw what I saw and by now know they either have to ditch the show idea or make drastic changes.  Holding on to a dying show which clearly already had problems is not fair to your exhibitors. We might as well have handed over a check and walked away. And in this case- small town, small population, a $50.00 entry fee just for a few hours is way over-priced.  On the positive side, all that pottery was loaded to take to  River City Farmer's Market in the morning and I did sell well there.  Several times better, in fact.  And without paying the fifty bucks.  I have a double space at the market and pay $120/year.  That's inside a building where I can leave my pottery set up most of the year. Good Deal.

Because I have been working non-stop I didn't get any pictures taken before the show, but here's a few things that didn't get loaded for the show that I'll take to the market next week-

The two glazes used on these tumblers create a marbleized effect in some spots.  One example of where I actually like the unpredictability of the glaze outcome.
A set of three small prep bowls.  I made several sets in different glazes.  I especially liked this one: a slightly iron oxide tinted clear glaze over some sketchy black slip lines with rutile brushed on the rim.

Made several honey jars in this style. 

I managed to get about ten pendants put together with chains or cords.  They're at the market now.  I'll try to remember to get pictures of them next week.

A few of the rustic wall hangers I'll get to the market next Saturday.  I didn't take these to the market yet because I have to figure out a way to display them.


  1. Oh girl, as you know, I feel your pain! This show thing is just not working. I'm going to hibernate until the new year and try to figure it all out later! Sorry the show was bad, but you know you aren't alone!

  2. Yes,yes,yes,I didn't even accomplish my goal of advertising the market where they can find me. For the most part, the people who were there were barely browsing.

  3. ugh---- gosh, this reminds me how much I do not like shows! it's different for everyone, yet for me selling to friends on facebook has kept me way busy these days... too busy to even create my own facebook business page. peace!

    1. Amy, a woman across from me at the show gets a lot of business that way. She sells a lot of imported fair trade items and has a shop downtown. Said that posting pictures on facebook works better than newspaper ads. I don't know, I still cringe at the thought of facebook. Maybe I'm too old for it.


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