Saturday, December 29, 2012

white on white

I went a little overboard with the pictures of snow.  Last year we had so little, and this new snow isn't supposed to last long. It's so nice having these trails so close to home.

These pine trees had a comical look with the way they leaned this way and that from the weight of the snow.

Williamstown Bridge and the Ohio River in the distance.  Click on the picture to see it better.

I met a runner on the trail.  Before that it was just my tracks and the deer's.  We had a little talk, trying to find out why we looked familiar to each other.  She goes to the Y too, so that must be it.  But she told me now that she works day shift she goes at five in the morning so I'm definitely not seeing her now. Then she runs for an hour after work and used to take a spinning class in the evening at the Y until her husband bought her a trainer thingy for her bike so she could do it at home.

This looks like bittersweet.  I read that it is considered invasive around here and that the weight of it can bring down branches.  Well this branch was down, alright. 
I don't know what these shrubs are. I noticed they held onto the snow more than anything else. 
On my way home now.  I've already been lapped by the runner.  I'm just walking.  

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  1. beautiful pictures! please send some snow to NC. :)


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