Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I spent a few days at a family reunion organized by my cousin and his wife that brought us to Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and Wilmington, Delaware.  All in a few days time.  

Part of the Philadelphia adventure included a walking tour that took us by some Isaiah Zagar murals.

 Really interesting stuff.  I looked him up when I got home and found that the murals are even more extensive than what we walked by.
As you may imagine, in this part of the tour I was the one dragging my feet and had to trot a bit to catch up.

And below is a little of the historic side of Philadelphia. This is City Hall. The carvings in these pictures are above archways on each side of portals that go through four sides of the building and meet at a courtyard in the center.  We were passing through the building to get from point A to point B and there were many, many carvings and statues- more than I could possibly take in at one time. 
And here's Ben watching over us at one of the entrances.

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  1. Wow- rich for the eyes! so much to see and ponder. thanks for sharing!


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