Thursday, September 12, 2013


 I am beginning to accumulate enough work to bring both to the farmer's market and Riverside Artists Gallery so I have posted the dates on which I plan to attend the farmer's market for the next few months:  Sept. 28, Oct. 12 and 26, and Nov. 9 and 23.   These dates will also be shown in the right side column of this blog under "About me" which I will update if there are any changes.
I'll be working at the gallery this Saturday 10:00 to 5:00 so stop by and visit. 
Here's some jars I've been working on lately.  Mostly honey jars, but a few others, too.  The jars in the first picture have been textured with a honey comb pattern.  This came from a rubber hot pad I found at the grocery store.
Next, I'll start working on pumpkins.  I just washed all my tools in anticipation of switching from white stoneware clay to tan stoneware.  I have a few of these left from last year and already sold a couple at the market last Saturday.  I have quite a bit of bisqueware sitting around ready to glaze but hate to stop to do that when I have these pumpkins yet to make.  They take a long time to dry so I need to get at them now. 
This is a picture copied from one of my sold orders from Etsy so I don't have these actual pumpkins (obviously), but the ones I have are very similar. 

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  1. just now catching up on blogs. really like the texture on the jars- the honeycomb pattern. how creative to use a rubber hot pad.


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