Saturday, December 14, 2013

catching up

Here's a few things from the latest firing.  It's been tough finding the time to stop and take pictures  A lot of pots have been unloaded from the kiln and directly transported either to Riverside Artists Gallery or River City Farmer's Market. The following are at the gallery but I do have a few of the mugs at the farmer's market. I also have other tiles and jars at the market and hope to get a firing done this week, so more to come for you last minute shoppers.
You may have seen these tiles in progress in a previous post. 


The last of the owls.  These were spoken for before even leaving the house, but I wanted to show the packaging.  I used paper mache boxes and made a nest with some grass-like material I had at hand.  The burlap strip folds over the owls and a descriptive note is tucked inside.  The owls are small- about two and a half inches long, but surprisingly time-consuming to make.  Really, it was the painting that took much longer than expected.  I priced them at $35.00 each.  Most people, not realizing the time involved, would  think that's a lot for such a small item. This is why I felt they needed a special presentation and written note.  Besides, I think they deserve their little nests.


  1. your owl has a great personality and I love your packaging idea, very creative.


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