Sunday, June 8, 2014


Obliterated, destroyed, demolished.
Never had this happen before.  A crack or two, yes, but not blown up.  This piece was to be similar to the bird bath pictured below.
The results of my C.C.I .(ceramic crime investigation):   I can eliminate moisture. The piece was bone dry.  I believe the cause behind this mess was contaminated clay.  The remains contained a few tiny curls, about twice the thickness of hair and only about 3/8 inch long, of what appeared to be a lighter colored clay.  My guess is, that while I am very careful to clean the wheel, tools, etc. when switching from tan stoneware to white stoneware  I was less concerned switching from white to tan.  I guess I figured it wouldn't be noticeable. Yes, but what about the different shrinkage rates?  Oh.  There are bits and pieces of this thing all over the kiln, including the elements.  The good news is that the berry bowl I had sitting inside it came out unscathed. Same for a couple of saucers to the side of it. Everything else in the kiln, made with the lighter colored clay, came out fine.  Of course, it was a commission.  Natch.

I just felt the need to add a pretty picture.  I posted this finial on Etsy a few days ago. Slowly trying to get the shop up and running again.  The leaves, with their burgundy coloring looked so nice next to this glaze.


  1. Oh man that stinks!
    That said, your final is a beauty and bet it won't be on Etsy long!

    1. The learning experiences never end!
      I do think the glaze on that finial is very sharp. I haven't used it before on these so I'll see what people think.

  2. Bummer! I have not had a complete explosion like this, but I have had the bottom of a mug explode on me before. Thankfully it didn't take anything else out with it. OH, and I love the term CCI!!


    1. He Shawna, Yes, it was quite dramatically and thoroughly destroyed.


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