Sunday, October 12, 2014


The rush to get this show together is over.  The dust has settled after the Riverside Artists Gallery Friday night opening so I finally had a chance to take a few pictures of the Poetry in Art show. Some a little skewed or fuzzy so come in to see in person if you can.  I do not have the titles the artists gave their artwork at home with me, but the poems are listed that the artwork is based on.  In the gallery the poems are displayed nearby the artwork unless the poem was chosen by more than one artist, as only one copy of each poem was printed.
The room was filled for the poetry reading, with people standing around the edges.  The reading was impressive.  I've never been to one before and many of the other artists also had not.  We agreed the poems came to life in a much different way when the poets read them.  I was going to include some excerpts from the poems here, but it was too hard to choose.  There are so many great lines.
Above is Geoff Schenkel's work.  Poem is "Capernaum" by Peg Clifford
Above painting by Beth Nash is based on the poem, "Remotely a Red Star, Our Most Fiery God" by Susan Sheppard.
Jen McKenna's work is at upper right.  Poem:  "The Threshold of Can We  Do This Now" by Christina Veladota.
To its left is a photograph by Robin Brandjes based on Becca Lachman's poem, "Preparation".  Below is same photograph, unfortunately with a lot of reflection.
Virginia Killian's painting is at top.  Poem is "Spring Jazz" by Martha McGovern.
Below it to the left is a fabric piece by Anna Prince inspired by Chris Friend's poem, "Owls".  Center bottom is a gourd carved and painted by Cathy Norosky.  Poem is "Learning Owl" by Sally Pebler Hannan.  To the right is a glass piece by Bonnie Proudfoot .  Poem:  "A Brief Novel with No Interior Doors"  by Christina Veladota.

 I wish I had another photo of this one- Jennifer Lasko's ceramic and metal piece.  I took more pictures but somehow they were all blurred, not that this one is great.  The poem is "In Threes" by Jean Mikhail. 
Painting by Thaddeus Brejwo.  Poem is "Preparation by Becca Lachman".  And yes, it was also chosen by another artist, photographer, Robin Brandjes, shown above.  Quite a different take on the poem.
 A jewelry piece by Jen McKenna inspired by Lynne Bodry Shuman's poem, "Autumn Morning".
Painting by Todd Morrow.  Poem:  "She sat beautifully in chairs" by Wendy McVicker.
There are many more great works of art in this exhibit.  If I were a better photographer I'd include all of them.  I was stymied by those glass covered paintings and photographs! 





  1. What a great idea,! " Poetry in Art "- love it !
    Congratulations with succesful opening of the show/exhibition :)

    1. I can't take credit for the idea but I agree it was great- Thanks!

    2. I have to get down there one of these days……. what a great representation of work! Love this idea, loved it before but after seeing what Riverside Gallery did with it, awesome and fun for the artists too!

    3. You should. We get quite a few visitors from your area. I think they like the slower pace, the rivers.

  2. what a great show, your pumpkins below turned out wonderfully, I love the matt surfaces on the body of them and the contrasting stem color


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