Saturday, January 24, 2015

Well she wrote me a letter

Showing the afters before the befores:
Some overtly valentiney decoration.  I may be adding ribbon to these.  This is June Perry's Purple with a Gunmetal glaze which is heavy on Albany slip clay substitute.  Wax resist and automotive striping tape was used to make the designs. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see the green halo where the glazes overlap.


Some of the above images are from graphics fairy. They are leftovers I had printed out to use in a surface decoration workshop at Parkersburg Art Center.  A couple of the techniques I used on these tiles and shelf sitters were taught in that class.  Some of these images were applied using tissue paper transfer.  Others were applied directly to the clay by taking a copy of an image from an inkjet printer, laying it on the clay and rubbing.  Remember doing that with silly putty and newspaper?  Like that. I've found that going over this transferred image with a permanent marker can help make the image more distinct.  Then I brushed the same frit and mason stain mixture on the tile that I used for the tissue paper transfer. Normally, as in the photo below, I use my own drawings for tissue paper transfer.  The graphics fairy images gave me some ideas for new stuff, so that was fun.  Besides, I can't draw a decent airplane.


  1. Most Interesting to see these methods of making images on clay. Thank you for the link to the printpatternproject blog, very useful information there. I like the way the glazes play together and give the green halo on the hearts you made. It was certainly worth clicking on the picture to give a closer view!

    1. I wouldn't have known about some of these techniques if it weren't for following links provided by other potters! The green halo effect is one of those good surprises that sometimes happens when we overlap glazes. Sometimes the surprise can go the other way- not so attractive, so I was happy to find that these two glazes worked together nicely.


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