Friday, July 24, 2015

solar power

Finally this week I can take advantage of a little sunshine to dry things out.  It's been rain, rain, rain around here for weeks, months?  I've lost track.  These are a few of the bisque fired pots I set out after glazing the interiors- some small bottles and honey pots.  Contrasting glazes will be applied to the outside of the pots.  Sometimes I can do the two steps one after another, but it really depends on the glazes.  The moisture absorbed into the bisqued pot from the first glaze sometimes causes problems in getting a good coat of the second glaze to adhere.


  1. I took a workshop with John Britt who recommends glazing the insides and then waiting a day for the water from the glaze to evaporate, of course using the sun to speed up that process is a great idea too.

    1. That does seem to be the best approach when a good sunny day isn't available.


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