Saturday, February 27, 2016

hey there

Here's a couple of things I took down to the gallery a few days ago.   Also have a few new mugs with decal transfer images.  I was in too much of a hurry to meet the deadline of a silent auction fundraiser for Marietta's crew team to take pictures of the mugs.  A couple of the mugs went to the auction.   I sometimes give things away for these events, then hope someone bids high on the item- It feels better to give away my work if I know it raised a good chunk of cash. Frankly, the frequency of these requests can get out of hand and I try to be choosy.  It was easy to agree to this one because my son was once on the team.
 Wall piece wired in back to hang.  Slips and engobe, no glaze.
 Sometimes you get a song stuck in your head for days...
Did you guess June Perry's purple?  You are right!

I've been a little hampered lately with posting on this blog by the fact that my pictures haven't always loaded.  Something to do with the photo editing program I was using. I don't know what the problem was, but I tried something new, so we'll see.  I have to use something since I need to be able to straighten my pics.  Even with using a tripod.  Yes, I do check the leveling bubble.


  1. Hi Melissa,
    The June Perry purple piece is lovely, and I like how you have that silvery looking glaze on top, they go well together. Hey There! I hope that little red riding hood takes care when opening that door!!

  2. Hi Peter, I like that glaze combo too. There is a thin line of green created where the two glazes overlap which is hard to see in this picture.
    I don't think the wolf looks especially hungry, so maybe little red riding hood is safe for now.

  3. Hi Melissa! Oh Wow! Love your wolf piece! Great Wall piece! and June Perry Purple, killer! know what you mean about donating..... just gave a way a canister set.


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