Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Local Artist Show 2016

A little late getting these pictures out.  It's usually best to post pictures before the show.  This was the Local Artist Show in Marietta, Ohio. I was flying last week to get things done. Pictures had to wait.
Here's a few of the items left at end of show.   I made four of these cairns.  One had a rabbit jumping over it.  That was a fun one.  These bird cairns are two I still have.  They are now at Riverside Artists Gallery in Marietta.
A few words about the cairns-  The roundish "stones" are thrown on the wheel.  Sometimes I alter them a little so they lose the perfect roundness.  Birds are hand built. The flat stones are shaped from rolled out slabs.  A metal rod runs through the middle of all so, obviously, I cut holes in the ceramic pieces while the clay was still soft enough. In the cairn above the rod also goes into the wood block.  I first used a drill press to drill a hole in the block.  It's really easier to have that block anchoring the whole thing, as it automatically makes the metal rod nice and straight. Many adjustments were needed to get the cairn pieces with no wood bases to line up.
And mugs.  The ones with the transfer images all sold.  I kind of resent that these mugs with the more interesting glazes weren't chosen.  I guess that's what I get for going down the transfer image road.
The red whatever-it-really-is/not tenmoku glaze makes another appearance.
Little lamb, little lamb.  Also ringed turtle dove and jumping hare.  Gone to good homes, but not forgotten, are:  raccoon, mouse, bear, squirrel, 2 make believe owls, 1 barn owl, and another sheep.  Critter ornaments.


  1. Melissa, love love love the cairns! Yes, I have dropped down the slippery hole of image transfer and yes they sell. But as potters I think we will always go for the glazes........ :) After spending countless hours on glaze development I am always amazed that the mug with the decal bunny on the white glaze goes first when a soulful mug with a yummy temoku just sits there....... a life in clay some days. Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you Sandy. Hey, that plate you showed with the bunnies was really cute! Now I have customers who make special requests for certain images. Once you start.... By the way, I was cruising through your lighting suggestions you put up a few posts ago. It was too last minute, of course. The *lackluster* lighting is why I didn't take pictures at my booth space. One of these days I'll get it right. Or semi right, at least.

  2. Me too, love the cairns! Especially that one with the rabbit on top (from photos you posted on FB.) Ohlala I,m inspired, thank a lot :)

    1. Thanks! I really liked the rabbit. I didn't show it here because it just wasn't a good picture. I almost didn't put it on FB. You inspire me too!


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