Friday, December 22, 2017

barn owl ornaments

Barn owls ornaments finished with slips and engobes, no glaze.  Real twigs are used as perches, attached with the wire which runs through the owl and also serves as a loop to attach the hanger.

 Each owl comes with a stenciled box filled with shredded maps for nesting material.  A length of twine ties up the box, making it a gift-ready package.

Below pictures were taken on a beautiful winter solstice afternoon in Marietta, Ohio. 

And, the owl ornaments remind me of this local news:  A snowy owl had been recently hanging out in the area, which is unusual this far south.  It had been injured so was captured for treatment and release. This picture is taken from the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge facebook page.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Happy New Year Melissa,
    Sorry this comment a bit late to wish you happy Christmas, but hope that it was! :-) I love the Barn Owls that you made, they are beautiful, and such a nice idea having the special boxes for them too.
    Very Best Wishes to you from NZ

  2. Peter, we did have a nice Christmas, thanks. I hope yours was too.
    Thank you for your nice words. The barn owls were barely made before Christmas, but I sold all but one. It is a good feeling to see happy customers.
    Happy New Year!


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