Thursday, November 1, 2018

Local Artist Show 2018

Here we go.  Getting ready for this show which starts tomorrow (Friday) 5-9pm and continues Saturday 9:30am to 4:00pm. (Not 2 weeks from tomorrow, which I somehow got stuck in my head until just recently.)  So, there's been a lot of sawing and sanding and putting togethering this week.  You would almost think I had a wood shop instead of pottery.  As I am still in the midst of preparations (boxes, tags, display, packing...) this is going to be a very brief look at some of the things I will bring to the Local Artist Show 2018.
 The rocks in these "cairns" are wheel thrown, some altered after throwing for more variation.

Some knob hangers for necklaces.
Below:  Flower children, or maybe I will call them moon flowers.
And I have a few small planters with succulents. Middle one has a loop in back for hanging. 
I do not have as many ornaments as I would have liked, but there are a couple of bluebirds, and chickadees, and a few oak leaves made.  
Also have the usual- some mugs, honey jars, berry bowls...etc.
Stop by if you are in the area.  There's lots of good stuff made by, um, local artists.


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