Wednesday, August 18, 2021

We are here

 There's been some changes lately...

As many of you know, Ivin and I now live in Cookeville TN.  Our son and soon to be daughter-in-law live in Nashville and we made the decision to be closer to them, but in a more manageable sized town.  We are renting while getting to know the neighborhoods and nearby towns.

The move. Well, 30 years in one place, plus a pottery studio- there was some work to do.  We got rid of a lot of stuff, and somehow found we still have a lot of stuff after moving into a rental house with several hundred less square feet and no basement. 

Pottery is on hold until I find a place to work.  Riverside Artists Gallery, the co-op gallery in Marietta, Ohio was a great help by taking the pottery I had left.  I did find a very talented ceramic artist with shop/studio in Cookeville.  Marilee Hall teaches some workshops so I put my name in for the next one and am looking forward to getting my hands dirty again.  I kept my wheel and tools, but that's about it. And, after all that cleaning out, I am committed to not being a glaze hoarder again.

We are exploring the area and learning our way around.  Shopping is comparable to when the stores back in Marietta decided to rearrange the aisles- the stores we were familiar with there have different lay outs here. And I haven't nailed down my "usual" parking spot for these stores so I have to beep the car to find it. 

Hair salons:  I learned if they offer eyelash extensions they are out of my price range.  I found one that doesn't. 

Several very scenic state parks are nearby, so that's great. I think the state parks have a waterfall competition.  I plan to make a list of waterfall hikes to tick off.  I do miss just walking out the door to get to the network of wooded trails in Marietta, though.  Luckily, the neighborhood here is very walkable.

Of course we miss our Marietta friends too.  Christopher and Jenna aren't there, but it's a great town. We'll be back to visit from time to time.    


  1. Melissa, WOW! WOW!WOW! We have been hunting and then come home and look at the accumulation and say let’s just fix a few things and put a fence up ☺️ And moving a potters studio……. Have done it 3 times and don’t wish to do it again. All the best finding your way around your new hometown❣️

  2. Sandy, the decluttering seemed never ending. First to sell the place then when the moving reality hit. BTW, I was googling around and found out there is a Sandy Miller potter in this area.🙃


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