Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finials and glaze indecision

These are the finials I've been working on lately.  Decided to make all of these with birds on top.  I don't know if I'll do any other designs.  Seems like most people go for the ones with the birds.  I have a couple of glazes in mind for these.  I've only recently tested the one so it's not exactly a proved glaze.  It looks promising though- sort of a stoney blue-green grayish matte. The other is more of a satin green, a little bit like oxidized copper, but darker.
It's been a bit of a relief to do some purely decorative work.  Sometimes the workmanship of making sure a lid fits properly and has the right shape for the jar, etc. gets to be, well, work. 
I'm undecided about this glaze.  I made these plates for a customer who previously ordered mugs and bowls in the same glaze.  It's called "Cream Rust", and you can see where it is a cream where thick or overlapped.  Nice, but I've found it doesn't show the stamped designs I like to use, or lettering like I used on the mug below.
Different glaze.  Similar, but more burnt orange than rust.  I made this for the Cabin Fever Run, which is a Marietta cross country team fundraiser.
View 2:  I like the way the lettering shows up with this glaze. When I tried this with the "Cream Rust" it got the hammer treatment.

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