Friday, January 14, 2011

A walk in the snow

I finished trimming the last of the bowls for the Empty Bowl Project yesterday and awarded myself with a walk through the woods.  I love walking in the snow.  Very peaceful. Mine were the first human footprints since the last few inches fell.  Lots of deer, some bunny, and I'm not sure what else had already been using the trail.  I haven't seen a fox for a long time, but some neighbors said they saw one recently.  Maybe when I think I'm seeing cat or small dog prints it might really be a fox.

Ferns peeking out of the snow always surprise me.  They look so delicate and lacy, it seems impossible they can last so long in the cold.
This finial has been on the post in the backyard for years.  I don't like to guarantee that they hold up to freezing temp.s but I've had no problem with the ones I've left outside.  I will start making more of these today.

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