Thursday, March 17, 2011

honey pots

Time to make more honey pots- I'm all out and I've had some requests.  Now that I have nailed a calendar to the wall next to my wheel I might be better able to handle planning what needs to be done when. Uh, verses the little scraps of paper fluttering around my work table which was my previous mode of operation.  Here are some newly made honey pots-

Some of these will be glazed in a yellow butter satin, and I think I might use my clear glaze with a little iron oxide and/or rutile added for the rest.  Maybe make the bird a contrasting color on some.

  I also made a few of these flying nun baskets, mainly because of a request to make one in all dark glazes.  To me this kind of disappointing because it nullifies the reason I came up with the name for these baskets.  When I first started making this form the nun's habit came to mind so I've always used a whitish glaze on the handle and habit part.  I guess I'll get over it.  And if you're too young to know about the flying nun try googling it along with "Sally Fields".
On another subject, I follow the blogs of potters from various areas besides the U.S.  One, living in Japan, tells of his recent experience with the earthquake. Fortunately, his family made it through unharmed.  Somehow his account of how it happened to him seemed much more real than what I watch on the news or read in the paper.  When I went down to the levee last Saturday to gawk at the swollen Ohio river, which was high enough to do damage here and there but nothing like 2004, I caught myself thinking about having fun picking though all the neat driftwood that will be left behind.  Then I remembered all the wreckage that is left behind in Japan.

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