Saturday, April 16, 2011

a bit of a rant

Berry Bowls.  I decided it would be a good idea to make them with berry season coming up soon.  When it was time to carve the holes I remembered how tedious I found this to be last year.  And time consuming.  For what I am pricing these at I am embarrassed to think of how little I am making for the time I put into them.  Lately, I've been comparing the minimum wage my son is making at a fast food restaurant to what I've been making at the market and it's not looking good.  Skilled, experienced, educated labor vs. fast food.  Fast food wins- at least some weeks.  Etsy sales haven't kicked in yet, but then I haven't been promoting- waiting to get it filled up a little more first.  

I understand the price shock some people have when they are used to so much cheap mass produced stuff.  I price shop too.   I know there are very few potters who have found that magic place of making just the right pieces to find the right audience and receive a fair price. So I'll work at finding that niche- the place where what I really want to make meets what people really want to buy (and pay for).

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