Saturday, July 2, 2011

square mugs, candleholders, little birds and big birds

What I've been working on this week- candleholders and mugs.  I was surprised last year at how fast I sold out of candleholders.  We'll see how these do.  Sometimes an item can sell really well for several years in a row then all of sudden it hardly gets noticed.  You never know.  I like making these anyway.  It's a bit of a challenge trying to form the opening at the top of the taller ones without getting the bottom torqued, but I prefer making them for that very reason. 

I knew a potter when we lived in Texas who made square-sided mugs.  I bought one from her and loved the way it fit my hand.  They are possibly the most comfortably shaped mugs to hold.  Her mugs seemed like a very unique item so I thought if I tried to make similar mugs, especially if sold online, I should ask her permission.  It's been quite a few years but I managed to track her down.  She said go ahead and good luck. It sounded as though she has given up pottery, at least as a paying job, and is teaching college English now. 

Little bird we tried to rescue.  The little guy refused to be put back in the bird house we thought he fell from.  We put him under some nearby pine trees, hoping to at least shield him from predators.

And speaking of predators-  A few days later a couple of hawks came by and stuck around until I annoyed them with my camera.

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