Friday, January 20, 2012

a litte cat, a little stamp, a little snow

Miss Billy was intently watching my carving efforts before she became distracted by the blinking light on the camera.
I decided to make a new cookie stamp form.  I wanted one that would be sort of springish.  This form, if it works out, will be what the cookie looks like.  I'll use this as a mold to make the cookie stamps.  It has a depressed center for filling with jam. 
Been years since I've made a new stamp. It actually took most of an afternoon to do this, sad to say.  It seems working small can be as difficult as working large. Once it's done, though, assuming it is successful, I can use it to make many stamps.  Making sure there are no edges to catch on the dough is the most time consuming part. 
 A little snow. I've been disappointed with our lack of snowfall so far. I've always enjoyed hiking the trails after a good snow. This last snow just barely covered the ground.     

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