Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's pretty, but...
 Last night we got hit with freezing rain.  My son went out at midnight to rescue a friend who slid into a ditch.  Before he got there another guy stopped to help the friend and he ended up in the ditch too.  Christopher got both of them out. Then this morning he went out to give his manager a ride to work.  She has a steep driveway and knew she wouldn't make it down.  Unscathed, that is.
Because of the driving conditions I decided not to go to the farmer's market this morning.  Not because I didn't think I could make it- I have 4 wheel, but because I didn't think there would be much business.  However, when I checked etsy I saw I had an order for this acorn finial and the customer asked if I had more.  Well, yes, but they were down at the market and I didn't want to wait until next Saturday to get into the building.  I was getting ready to go when I found out I was blocked in by a large shrub that fell over.  This is (was) a tall firethorn growing beside the house.  I thought I could move it but it was actually stuck to the driveway.  So I persuaded sleep deprived son, just back from manager delivery, to give me a ride.  Just so you know, in case you ever need to, nineteen year- old plus male plus truck plus ice equals a certain amount of purposeful driving thrills.  We managed a side trip to a parking lot adjacent to the Indian Acres boat ramp.  I reminded him that the river was straight ahead. 

Bird's nest in the dogwood in front of our house.

Maple tree.

Dogwood again.  Not well focused, but like the color.


  1. The final is lovely what is the glaze? Adult men like the same kind of thrills too, at least my Gary does, likes to go sideways as he says. Ha.

  2. Linda, That glaze is Temmoku Gold from Frog Pond Pottery. This is where I found it. Look under cones 5/6.


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