Tuesday, January 24, 2012

getting ready to bisque.....and Red happens

It's been taking a very long time for things to dry out, but I finally have enough to bisque fire today.  I figured with the dry winter air I might have a problem with pots drying too fast, but I guess the basement always stays a little damp.
Some salt pigs and a utensil holder in the kiln today.  Pots were piling up in my basement workspace.  Usually when they are almost dry I transfer them to a shelf next to the kiln in the garage.  With some nights dipping down to the teens recently I was afraid to do that.  If there is still visible moisture and the temp goes to freezing seems like things could go wrong, as in expansion.  I've never taken a thermometer down there.  Since the garage is mostly underground maybe I'm safe.

French butter crocks, also in the kiln.  Actually one crock and 3 lids.  I have some extra crocks due to the tendency the lids have to develop hairline cracks.  Hence the extra lids. 

Not ready to fire- some nesting bowls and a set of soup bowls.  I'll be heading down to trim some of these this afternoon. 

Red happens.  Found this mess this morning.  I leave my slip bucket to set overnight on my wheel so the water will separate enough to pour out,  then I'll recycle the slip into clay. Red, the cat, loves to watch anything liquid move across the floor.  He, in fact, finds it hugely entertaining.  Used to tip his water bowl over every day until I got a tip proof bowl.  I've learned not to leave small glaze containers on my table and I had been hiding my slip bucket from him.  Lately, I thought I could get away with just covering it with a towel.  It worked...for a couple of weeks.  

The guilty party.

Here's what happens to the slip, trimmings, etc.  I'm using a rack that used to dry out bath toys.  The very wet clay is slopped onto a piece of canvass and left to dry to the consistency of usable clay.  Then, because I don't have a pug mill, I double bag it with plastic grocery bags and slam the heck out of it. The idea being to de-air it as much as possible. That doesn't get me out of wedging, but it helps make it easier. 

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  1. Oh isn't he so cute and innocent looking. Ha.


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