Thursday, February 2, 2012

renew or switch?

This is my wheel up on blocks. 
I throw standing up because a few years ago I had a problem with lower back pain.  I don't know when I would have finally made the connection between the back pain and throwing sitting down if it hadn't been for an article in Clay Times.  I don't remember the author, but he said that many potters start experiencing this around the time they turn fifty.  This article came out around my 50th birthday.  At the time I dismissed it- won't happen to me.  Six months later I was flipping through old Clay Times magazines trying to find that article.  It gave instructions on how high your wheel needs to be in relation to your waist, or maybe it was belly button. There have been other good tips I've used from this magazine.  And, I enjoy seeing what the masters are doing.  I may search for information online, but there's something about having paper in hand that can't be replaced.  At this point, though, I wonder if it's time to shop around.  The issues seem anemic compared to what they once were.  Coming out only four times a year, sometimes the entrance deadlines to shows they list are past by the time I receive it. My subscription is up for renewal.  Time for a change?     

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