Wednesday, February 8, 2012

always a learning experience

A few more pots from the last firing-

I wanted a little more of the wood ash glaze feathering in this shallow bowl.  I remember now that last time I used this combination I brushed a little clear glaze over the wood ash glaze to make it run a little more. 

One of those learning experiences. While I was working on these utensil holders I started to think that I'd rather be doing this slip and stencil with tiles.  I might like the one that's second from the left, but overall just don't think tree stencils worked well with this form. I think some of these will find customers with just the right kitchen for them, though.

I've come to appreciate succulents.  Give them a good watering once a month and leave them alone.  I made this planter so it would fit on one of my windowsills. It's a little under 4" square. I didn't bother with a drain plate because after thoroughly watering a plant I let it sit in a sink until its done dripping. 

A little birdy.  Haven't made any of these for a couple of years.  This is wheel thrown with enough clay left at the bottom to pull a tail (ha).  This is the black engobe by itself with no glaze.  I like the pebbly surface of the unglazed engobe for nonfunctional things.  The hole at the bottom is large enough for a dowel rod in case someone wants their bird hovering in the garden.  One of these has been known to hang out in our garden.  I would like to hand build some birds one of these days.  I did this once before to make realistic looking birds.


  1. Really really nice mugs! I love the way the stenciling turned out, yay!

  2. I like the overlap in that bowl and the bird is so cool. What is engobe, has more clay in it than just plain stain. the bird looks like he has a glaze because it turned slightly shiny or is that just my eyes?

  3. Thanks Tracey, I'll see if it leads anywhere.

    Linda, I think the definition of engobe varies quite a bit. From what I understand, some do contain clay. This recipe does not (check out the link). It can be used as an underglaze from cone 06 to 6 on greenware and bisque. At 06 without glaze it is a flat greenish-black. It does form a glaze by itself at cone 6- slightly shiny, like you said. It also has interesting texture. Requires 2 coats, if brushing.


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