Sunday, March 18, 2012

empty bowls and other stuff

The bowls for the Empty Bowls fundraiser have been fired.
The date of the event is: Saturday, March 24th at the First Congregational Church, 318 Front Street in Marietta, Ohio.
I managed to get in two firings last week.  Some other stuff besides bowls, but they took up a big part of the firings. Overall, I'm pleased with the results.  Most of these bowls represent a set of six. 
 This is the hedge apple inspiration bowl.  The glaze had thickened a little since I last used it and it is a little less chartreuse, leaning towards leaf green.  I knew this glaze pools turquoise and had been wanting to use it on a bowl for that reason- especially a bowl with lots of little divots providing extra pooling opportunities.

 These stripes just make me happy. Throwing with this lighter colored clay did not, however.  I only have these 2 bowls in the stripes.

 I used this tenmoku on this lighter clay I use sometimes.  Although I found this clay a pain to throw with, it does suit this glaze better than the darker clay I usually use.

 Jade green.  Something old fashioned about this color.  Always makes me think of jadeite glassware.

This is my favorite of the bowls.  Sometimes simple is best.  The shape feels good to hold, with a little texture from a seashell fragment (memories of beach trips).

 I know you reduction fire potters are going to scoff, but this is an electric cone 6 shino and I like it.  The guy who wanted a large mug asked if I could put an aspen leaf on it.  He lived in Minnesota at one time.  Here, in southeast Ohio there are no Aspens so I found pictures of leaves on the Internet, printed them, and cut some out.  I temporarily pasted the leaves on the bisque fired mug by brushing the paper leaves with water, then flicked a little black drawing slip with a toothbrush to create the shadow around it.  I'm pretending it looks like carbon trap.  Faux carbon trap?

Here is the feather I mentioned earlier.  Turned out about how I wanted it.  Can't complain.  A customer spurred the idea for this when she asked for a bird knob on the top of her salt pig.  These salt pigs present a nice blank canvass to decorate since I usually remove any finger marks while shaping these with my metal rib. 


  1. what kinds of clay are you using? Neat that you got a shine effect in an electric kiln. Am switching to electric from gas kiln and so miss shine already.

  2. Love that first glaze so wonderful to see those two colors together and the striped bowls are wonderful, you got some great results.

  3. Amy, I'll just put that info on your blog's comments so it will be handier to you.

    Linda, Thanks, I like those colors together too.


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