Sunday, March 11, 2012

white gold

A little price shock ordering supplies this week- 
When I ordered 5 lbs of tin oxide the person taking the order asked if I knew how much it cost. I didn't.  I was looking at a catalogue that was around 6 years old.  So, it's $28.00 per pound now, or about $25.00 per pound if you buy 5 lbs.  Ouch.  What with buying 500 pounds of clay and other supplies I decided to just get 2 pounds at the higher price. Probably not the most logical choice. Oh well. 

Starting to get some glazing done.  I tried out this feather design with a black drawing slip and glazed over it with a clear glaze.  I have very little experience using this material.  We'll see what happens.

Miss Billy finds the one spot on the table not covered with pots.  Of course now I can't see my glaze notes.  Many more pots left to glaze, and a lot of varying glaze treatments in mind for these.  Always very time consuming when I'm jumping from one glaze to another.  Right now I'm aiming to get the kiln loaded Tues. and fired Wed.


  1. The feather looks great, hope it turns out. Seems like everything is expensive these days.

  2. I bought a bunch of dry glaze materials at Highwater about a month ago and quickly learned which ones were expensive too! Yes, I found it hard to decide how much to get of each. Oh well! Hope to see pics of finished pots in time!


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