Thursday, March 1, 2012

hedgeapples for inspiration

Around late October, early November I had an idea for using these hedge apples.  I wanted to create a mold and press clay into it to make bowls with that hedge apple texture on the outside. With Christmas coming up, there was little time to experiment, so I put the idea aside. 
Now I have no hedge apples to work with because, of course, they will have rotted. I haven't given up on the original idea- maybe try again next fall, but sometimes ideas morph. 
The texture on these bowls really has little to do with hedge apples, but was inspired by them.  I have a glaze with a light chartreuse tint I plan to use on these.

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  1. Oh those hedge apples are wonderful, I had forgotten how they looked till now. I never knew what they were living mostly on the West coast till I lived in Arkansas and saw them, they are so unique and such a wonderful color. Not sure how you would get the texture on the outside. I have a plastic textured placemat of all things that I use occasionally for a texture and it looks a bit like the hedge apple surface. Some of the most unusual items make the best texture tools.

    can't wait to see the light chartreuse tint bowls, I love unusual and not usually seen colors


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