Sunday, February 26, 2012


 Doing a little bowl cramming here. I just found out last week that the date for Empty Bowls is March 24.  I figure I received an earlier heads up, probably before Christmas, which obviously flew out of my head. 
Those light colored bowls were made with Laguna's #55.  I've found it difficult to throw with. I purchased it partly to use for cookie stamps- thought its smoother texture might be better for those, and also to see how the lighter color would work with my glazes.  Maybe I'm just not used to it yet, but it doesn't seem like it has the plasticity of my usual- Laguna's #45.

These striped bowls are the lighter clay.  In addition to the black engobe, I used white and gray slips.  It was a bit of a struggle to see if I was getting good coverage with the white and gray on this light clay body.  We'll find out when they're fired.

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