Sunday, February 19, 2012

customer requests

I've mostly been working on some customer requests lately. Sometimes commissions are a good thing when they involves problem solving.  The time factor can be frustrating, but the learning experience is good.   
One request was for a 20 oz mug.  My usual mugs are 11-12 oz.  I have one bisqued mug hanging around that I don't care for but use to practice brushing oxide designs.  It is 18 oz so that gave me some idea of what to shoot for.  These are my first attempts.  The ones with the rib swipes have yet to be trimmed and get handles.  I think they're the ones I'll go with.  The larger expanse of surface on these mugs seemed to call for something, and after some pondering I decided to try the diagonal swipes.    

No new shapes here, just some glaze and slip decoration ideas evolving for these. A couple of customer requests led me there, though.  Just a little more experimenting in store for me.      


  1. The salt pig and honey pot are both neat forms!
    Reading blogs from the past few weeks...
    20 oz! That's a lot. Have never made a mug that big. Good luck.
    Per your comment on my blog, guess going antique shopping would be a good idea. I just don't have the time AND would rather be in the studio!

  2. I have had customer requests that I shined on, but you are right they stimulate the mind to do problem solving, and there is one I might go back to. I was thinking your salt pigs could be bird feeders if the opening was lower or there was a perch for a bird to stand on, just because you had the bird on top I guess. Ha.

  3. Amy, you never know what you'll find in those shops. Probably if I actually tried to find those scales they wouldn't have been there.

    Linda, bird feeders, hmmm.


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