Wednesday, September 12, 2012

letting the glaze speak for itself

There are so many ways to decorate pottery that sometimes I find it difficult deciding what approach to take.  This time I decided to let the glaze speak for itself.  This is actually two glazes- off-white semi glossy glaze with some speckles and a transparent glaze with a little iron oxide layered over. 
 The combination has some nice depth and subtle visual texture. 
It's a simple bowl. Holds at least six cups. Pass the mashed potatoes.

Same glaze combo with a little added extras this time on this french butter crock.

Now, the bad- What happened?!!! This is the lid of the french butter crock mentioned in my last post that had a few pinholes. I touched it up, refired and now it looks like the lunar landscape. Will have to do some research and testing. Oddly, the bottom of the jar was O.K., although there are some pinholes on the interior sides of the jar. Almost no pinholes on outside surfaces of jar or lid.
The list. Actually, the getting-ready-for-a-show list has grown since I took this picture. 

 Some weathered boards for my previously named "driftwood hangers". I'll have to call these something else since they are scavenged from loading pallets, a.k.a. skids. Lately, I haven't been lucky enough to find driftwood lumber, which is unfortunate because it's a lot easier to pick up a piece of driftwood than pry these boards off a pallet. I noticed (painfully) they have about ten nails where one screw would have done the job. Got nail gun?

 Finished products after a trip to True Value Hardware.  I just bring the boards and knobs into the store with me since both vary in height, then I try out various screws to get the right fit.  I can do that there since they have that stuff in bins.

The knobs stand out like jewels on the rustic wood.  "Rustic" might be how I'll label these hangers since my driftwood board supply is undependable.  I don't know about pulling apart more of those pallets though.
I just have a few more things to do to get ready for the Harvest Moon Festival.  I figured I'd get to some more glazing this week.  I still have enough bisque ware for another kiln load. Might have to wait until after the show.  This display stuff, pricing, packing wares, etc. has taken a lot more time than I expected.  Still have some display tweaking to do.


  1. really, really like the glaze color of that last knob on the left in that last picture. wow. have never re-fired anything. was always cautioned not to. yes, let the glaze speak for itself- well said!

  2. Hi Amy, Peter from Peter's Pottery posted that glaze recipe in his blog. It does vary a bit depending on clay body. That knob is #45 Laguna. What's really cool is where the purple-red glaze meets the gunmetal a line of turquoise forms. Here's that glaze from Peter's blog:

    One of the most exciting cone 6 glazes that I tested, and have started to use, is the chrome-tin red that I found on June Perry's web site, She has posted a wonderful collection

    21 Gerstley Borate
    16 Nepheline syenite
    11 China Clay
    20 Whiting
    32 Silica
    5 Tin oxide
    0.15 Chromium oxide


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