Monday, September 17, 2012

random thoughts about the show

I'm in show recovery mode today.  Having not been outside for two days, I got in a nice long walk, then caught up with some mundane things that got left behind last week in the show preparation craze.  Wouldn't be such a big deal if I did shows regularily, but this is the first I've participated in for a long time. 
I've got some pictures of the set-up, though I did change a few things the second day.  That loading pallet I used to display the knob wall hangers was bugging me because it walled me off too much from the customers so I took it down. The wall hangers all sold. Nobody bought the little hanging bottle vases, though.  I figured at least one customer that bought a wall hanger would want one to use with it.
The pumpkins almost sold out Saturday.  Several customers bought two or three at a time.  The hand built bud vases also sold well. Overall, people seemed pretty decisive about what they wanted. But Sunday- different story.  I brought more pumpkins and bud vases, anticipating more sales, but none sold.  Sales were way off from Saturday. Another potter said people were picking things up Sunday and looking like they were about to buy then they'd put it back down.  Exactly my experience, too.  I wondered if the music groups Saturday attracted more buyer types than what was offered Sunday. Who knows? 
A young woman who used to live in Seagrove bought a berry bowl.  She said even with all the pottery shops there she never saw one.  I said they're a bit tedious to make.  Didn't say what I was thinking- I guess those Seagrove potters are smarter than me.  You can't charge enough for those things. After this last batch I vowed never to make them again unless maybe it's a commission.

Although I had decent enough sales to make it worth it, I had expected better.  Several other vendors who have done this show multiple years said sales increase as people start looking for you the second and third years you attend.  Good to know.
 Two weird moments Sunday:  First of all, I'd like to say this was not at all representative of the crowd, but this t-shirt saying really bugged me- "It's not that I forget, it's just that I don't care".  And it was worn by a woman who looked to be in her forties.  I guess it wouldn't have struck me as so bizarre if it were worn by someone younger who might have the excuse of immaturity.
Second thing was someone asked me if the sign was for sale.  Huh?  I said, um, no that's my sign.  Being that sales were so slow Sunday I guess I should have said, Yes, fifty bucks.
I really talked up the farmer's market in Marietta, both to say I'm usually there Saturdays and to tell people about some of the other artisans at the market.  Maybe a few new faces at the market?


  1. I have done a few sales and during each I kept wondering if it was the best use of my time. My preference is to sell pots online through facebook. Most of them find a new home that way- and then I can spend more time in the studio. I get little time there as it is. Plus all the energy, time, and more that a sales day takes. Exhausting! Maybe I need more patience. Good luck to you at the market and in selling all those great pots!

    1. I guess I'm just a dinosaur for not trying facebook. Glad it's working for you. I got a bad taste for that type of media because myspace was popular when my son was in middle school. You would not believe the bizarro stuff that age group sends out.

  2. Great display you have there, I see why your pumpkins sell well they are wonderful. I can never tell what folks will purchase one day to the next.


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