Monday, October 1, 2012


I was at the Soakum Festival in Caldwell, Ohio this weekend.  I didn't manage to get in a head's up about it as we were experiencing computer difficulties.  Ivin worked on it- lots of time spent on the phone with India, but he got it  fixed.
Some pictures of the festival:
A fiddling contest took place in the building I was set up in.  The two on the right were first and second place.  The contestants were invited to play together while the judging took place and this is a picture of the ones that participated in the spontaneous group concert.
Other live music was playing almost constantly Saturday and Sunday.
The festival has a historic theme and vendors are required to dress in period clothes.  Some are quite authentic looking, while most were more like mine-  cobbled together.  I found an old fashioned style blouse at a thrift shop and put together a simple elastic waist long skirt a few days before the festival.  I wore this pin, which is a picture of my grandfather (mother's father) who died many years before I was born.

This horse seemed to have an attitude- a lot of head tossing and foot stomping. Edit:  make that hoof stomping. I'm such a farm gal. There were three teams giving wagon rides. 

What's interesting about this fairgrounds is the old buildings.  I assume they've been moved here.  Obviously the covered bridge has since there's no river running under it. There's an old school house on the left and a church on the right.
View from inside the covered bridge.
I got away from my booth a couple of times to take some quick photos, but didn't want to leave it unattended too long so these really don't show the scope of the festival.
I can't say I did spectacularly well at this event.  One other vendor noted that my booth was placed outside of the traffic flow in the building.  True.  I seemed to have a hard time engaging people in conversation and that could be because they stopped by as an afterthought.  They noticed I was just across from the exit after making their rounds and were ready to leave.  Last show I was in, the Harvest Moon Festival, there was plenty of opportunity to tell people where they can find my work, or many times people beat me to it, asking where they could find me.  So next year?  I don't know.   


  1. any pictures of your booth? I'm always fascinated with how others display their pottery, etc... I don't do shows these days- have hardly enough time for me in the studio as it is!

  2. HI Amy,
    No, I didn't bother with display pictures because there wasn't a whole lot of change from my last display in the previous post.

    I do have a problem with giving up two entire days, not to mention the preparation leading up to a show. Probably the reason I didn't have a good location for this show was that I waited until the last minute to apply. Just didn't know if I could handle another show only two weeks after my last one.


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