Monday, March 11, 2013

sample board, new bowls, other stuff

I took a quick picture of this sample board before heading out to the market Saturday morning to meet the customer it is intended for.  The tiles are about 2 inches square.  Since they are only glaze samples I didn't take great care with exact size.  The end product will be 6 inch square tiles. I attached the sample tiles to this drywall board with Velcro so the customer can move them around to experiment with color combinations and streamline her choices.  These are some of the glazes she was considering, plus a couple of extra I threw in.  I was a little confused by some of the glaze combinations the customer was talking about so I thought this might help to clarify things for both of us.
Below are some bowls I've been making for the Empty Bowls Project.  I have made most of these in a chawan tea bowl style.  I would have liked to have gone a little looser with these if it were not for the fact that they are supposed to function as soup bowls.
Used two different clays- a tan stoneware and an almost white stoneware.

It's been slow going.  These bowls have been the first things I've thrown since the wrist problem.  I soon found out, even though the clay I am using for each bowl is only 16 - 18 ounces, that I had to limit myself to throwing 6 or 7 per day.  And it helps to take a day off to trim and take pictures for my Etsy shop now and then.
Salt pigs out by the kiln. I don't have many salt pigs left and had a request for one with one of my green glazes so made a few while I was at it.

I listed part of the succulent planters on Etsy and took the rest to the market. I found some inexpensive plants at Lowes and kept the rust colored planter in this picture for myself.


  1. Really love the first glaze sample, so nice how the dark shades peep through.

    And the green glaze on the planter is also so nice. Love it.

  2. I agree, that weathered bronze green glaze is a winner.

  3. so re: the first picture. what is the commission that you're working on? is it a bunch of tiles with different glazes? like the velcro idea- thanks!

    1. The customer wants to tile around a fireplace with 6 inch tiles. She wants different textures- pressed ginko leaves, ferns, textured paper, but also several different glazes. I'm not sure what her vision is with the glazes. To me, the colors were a little too diverse- greens, grays, turquoise, yellow, deep blue. I thought I'd feel better if she had these samples to play around with before committing.


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