Thursday, April 25, 2013

time factor

I just listed a few things on Etsy today.  I tend to put this off because of the time consuming process of photographing, loading, editing, figuring out the shipping costs, descriptions....etc.  And every time I list something I hear the same thing going round in my head- if you were more of a production potter instead of this one of a kind stuff you do you could use the same listing over and over.  Maybe one of these days.  I don't think I'll ever truly get the hang of it.  I was thinking of that today when I got a notice that one of my pieces was entered in a treasury list .  I have never made a treasury myself.  At first because I didn't quite understand what it was all about, but also, I can't quite figure out where the time comes from, knowing I would torture myself with making decisions about what to include.  I do admire what others come up with, though, and greatly appreciate when someone includes one of my items in their treasury.
Speaking of time...I was asked by someone at the market if I keep on producing even when sales are slow.  I guess my walking around and socializing made it apparent I wasn't reaching any kind of sales quota.   Well yes, I do, except for that unplanned month and a half off because of my wrist injury.  Then, when the wrist was better I concentrated most of my efforts on Empty Bowls.
 And now, I am waiting, waiting, waiting, for things to dry so I can fire. Here's some planters-in-waiting.  The saucers for underneath these are still too wet to trim.   
I'm not sure about making more of these. It's more time consuming (sorry about the t-word again) putting these together than I remembered.  I'm thinking of making some wheel-thrown only planters. 

Large mugs. Also drying.  Last summer when I had the request for a large 20- 24 ounce mug I made several, probably 10 or 12 because that's what I do when something is new to me to figure out the size and shape needed.  Well they all sold pretty quickly.  I had no idea people were that interested in over-sized mugs. I think of them as "Dan Mugs" since that is the name of the guy who made the request.  These are in the stage of drying where I feel safe leaving the plastic off, but am keeping them covered with a lightweight cotton cloth. The cloth obviously allows more drying, but still seems to slow it down somewhat.  It absorbs moisture, keeping a damp environment around the mugs even while evaporation is going on. The cloth thing is a tip from another potter, by the way.  I never think of these things myself. 
I do have dry ordinary sized mugs.  They are waiting by the kiln for these other ones to catch up.  Oh, and I want to get test tiles made before the next firing.  Better hurry up...


  1. I have the same Etsy issues, if I put work there it sells, but what a pain the process is! Good for you for making work, even when sales are slow, I'm just not that dedicated :) wrote on a similar topic today on my blog.... sigh this pottery business thing, ugh!

    1. I just read your post. I'm just not killer enough to truly make a living at it.


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