Monday, April 29, 2013

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Monopoly Red
That picture was taken months ago with my cell phone and it fuzzes out if I try to make it larger. Actually it's pretty fuzzy as is. I was just deleting old pictures when I came across this one of Red taking over an abandoned monopoly game. 
Roll the dice- seems appropriate. After Christmas my sales at the market slow down dramatically until the produce starts coming in, but it was like Christmas this Saturday!
The sale that really stood out was with a couple who were on their way home from Florida to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  They stopped in Marietta for the night and went online to see what was in town, found the River City Farmer's Market site, linked to my blog, saw the salt pigs, came down to the market Saturday morning, bought three salt pigs and a honey jar! Later, I wondered how they happened on the market site. I thought they might have found it through the chamber of commerce but I didn't see anything there. But I did find a link to the market here.  If you click on "shopping" the farmer's market is listed.
It was a beautiful day at the market. Some vendors were set up outside selling bedding plants- vegetables and flowers.  My booth inside the building is right across from glass doors where I could see a horse and trap racing around the track opposite the building. 
I was waiting to post this, thinking that Monday afternoon when the light is good I might take pictures of stuff I was working on Sunday.  Instead, I've got a different picture:

I got the call 7:00 this morning that the market building burned down.  Cause not determined at this point.  The market will probably set up outside somewhere, but that's yet to be announced.  I started making a list of all I lost along with the dollar amount, but didn't add it up.  No point, really. I guess, to put it into perspective, when Janet called and said there was bad news, I was afraid she was going to tell me someone died or was badly hurt.  When someone calls at 7:00 AM and says there's bad news you think of people, not things.
Thanks everyone for the e-mails, texts, and phone calls and offers of wine!



  1. Happy for your sales, sad for the fire loss. I do hope you didn't lose much. Farmer's markets have become a great venue around here, or Tailgate markets as they are sometimes called, though people don't sell from tailgates of vehicles at ours in Black Mountain. There's a huge farmer's market in Asheville.

    1. I think this market is somewhat unique in that vendors selling art/crafts can leave their goods set-up rather than pack up and set up each time. Which is why I did have most of my pottery there. So, unfortunately, it was quite a loss. I appreciate your concern. I'm moving on, though- what else can you do?

  2. just catching up on blog posts as I've been gone. oh gosh, so sorry to hear! that is unique that you could keep your pottery there. hope the next chapter of farmer's market sales is full of good surprises!

    1. Amy, I've been away for a few days and just saw your comment. It'll all work out. The building was such a convenience, that's for sure. Don't know what the story is on whether or not it will be rebuilt.


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