Saturday, May 4, 2013

after the ashes

Here's some pics of the market.

 Strawberries! Got some!

The track is behind some of the vendors. Burned down structure in background was the farmer's market building.

 Henry must be enjoying a market vendor's product.

Most people who kept their goods in the building (woodworkers, jewelers, fabric artists, etc.) were in the same boat as me- not much to bring.  I had a few things to bring from home- three berry bowls, three salt pigs, one pendant and three wall plaques.  I didn't remove any Etsy listings because it is so time consuming to go through the listing process. This picture is of a honey jar that Bill Marietta, my cheese selling neighbor in the building, picked up out of the ashes.  No lid, and many cracks. An artifact. 
Time to move on, get busy, and restock. 


  1. I keep missing people's posts! I didn't see your earlier post about the market loss, so sorry, but yes, at least no lives lost....
    I spent the day at the opening of our local market, cold but much fun, maybe one of my favorite places to sell. Looks like you have the same sort of folks at your market too.
    Best of luck getting the fire stuff sorted out....

    1. Thanks. I'll get it going again. The market is a neat place with lots of loyal customers.

  2. Hi Melissa, I was looking through this post at the lovely flowers, strawberries, bread, people playing music and so on..., and then I read further about the fire. I am so sorry for you and the other stall holders at the market. It must have been a real shock, and hard both financially and in terms of the enormous amount of work that will now need to be done in making new inventory, and getting started again. Great to see the "show going on" though in spite of the set back. Very Best Wishes, P.

    PS I have tried several times to send this, and think it probably isn't getting through for some reason, probably a browser setting. If it does arrive lots of times, my sincere apologies!

  3. Hi Peter, Thanks for your thoughts. In talking to other vendors it seems that many of them think of the loss of time they had in their pieces more than the actual cost. I know I do. That, and having to replace displays. As you said, the show goes on and the atmosphere at the market was positive.

  4. HI Melissa, Kate here. These pictures are lovely. I am sorry for all that you lost...such beautiful work. Mike and I sifted a bit in the ashes, and were surprised to see two tea clips still intact. A bit dirty, but that was it. I am having a difficult time with my health right now...but plans are to bounce back. I agree, the loss of the time in making the jewelry, and the loss of the displays are the worst part. Hope to see you again soon.


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