Saturday, July 27, 2013


What's going on....  If you've been looking for me at the farmer's market my absence these past few weeks is due to not having enough ware to stretch out to two places at once.  I joined The Riverside Artists Gallery and my stuff has relocated there.  I plan to eventually be in both places.  This maybe isn't the greatest timing since after the fire that wiped out most of my pots I've spent more time in development- testing and refining old and new glazes, than I have in production.  However, I have thought about joining the Gallery for a long time and think that taking this step might give me a well needed push.  Meanwhile, here's a sampling of the latest:

 The silver is left behind by the textured paper I pressed onto the bowl and will burn out in the bisque firing. Later, I'll highlight the texture with a black wash.

 Texture, texture, texture. 
These are bisque firing drop frame plates.  I fired them nesting together like this with a little alumina hydrate sprinkled on the kiln shelf. I was concerned about warping, but so far so good.  I need to investigate plate stackers for the kiln.  Wonder if they would work for this shape, though.
 Some black engobe brushed on then wiped off. 
 Sometimes I get out of the basement.
   Miss Billy visits the work table.


  1. really like the dropped frame plates and the black engobe, I think the plate stackers will work for the plates, I've let small portions of work hang over the edge of shelves and they've been ok.

  2. Good to know. I'm trying to convince myself to spend the $ on them.

  3. Black engobe? what is that? Think I need to google it.
    Plate stackers- depending on how high one of those pieces is, they might work. The height is what matters... The end of the stackers have different height bricks which reminds me I need to buy a few shorter ones at highwater clay when I'm there next week. Thanks for the reminder! And in the second pic, what did you do to get that texture? I'm experimenting with textures too--- am ready for something new! Congrats on the gallery. Hope it's a good move for you!

    1. The black engobe- I'll put that out in a post later today.
      I was wondering if I might get in trouble with the height of those plates with plate stackers. I need to check on that.
      That texture in the second picture is made by laying a stencil on the bowl and brushing white slip over it. Stencil was cut out of newsprint like you would cut out a paper snowflake.


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