Sunday, September 29, 2013

updates, etc.

Just did a glaze firing Thursday. I fired a couple of honey jars with the honey comb pattern- shown in the greenware state in this post. Sold one at the River City Farmer's Market yesterday and will probably take this one to the Riverside Artists Gallery tomorrow-

 Here's an update: Some time ago I talked about trying out drop frames and am finally following up on the results.  I had no problem with warping.  I dried the plates inside the frames until leather-hard, with the bottom sitting on a piece of drywall.  Once the plates were firm enough I sandwiched the frame between two pieces of drywall, flipped upside down, then removed the frame and flipped the plates back over (sandwiched again).  More careful drying, then bisque fired using a sprinkle of alumina hydrate on the shelves to help the plates move as they shrink a bit during the firing.  I don't know if I really needed to do that but was concerned about the expanse of flat bottoms on these plates.  I removed two of these plates from the kiln Friday- the smallest and largest.  The middle size didn't make this firing. I'm not so sure of my glaze and decoration choice- it's O.K. but now that I see it fired I can think of better choices.  Here's the small plate.  The largest  is at the bottom of a box I packed for the Farmer's market.

Another update:  Now that I understand the proper way to "soak" at the end of a firing I gave it a try.  As I mentioned
here, I had a crazing problem with a glaze I recently tried.  My results were better with the soaking, but not perfect.  Where there was crazing all through the glaze, now there are just a couple of small lines. I did a twenty minute soak.  I used a split shelf at the top, which meant my firing was very even.  Normally, with whole shelves, the bottom fires ahead of the top but as you can see, the cones from top and bottom are very similar:

What's selling- A little of everything at the market, but most popular were these Marietta tumblers:
People were buying for Christmas (already?), and some wanted something that said "Marietta, Ohio" without looking touristy.  I sold out of these at the market, but I believe I still have a few at the gallery.
And, I got the word from one the other artists at the gallery that my gingko planters have sold out. I will be making more. This is a picture of a couple of gingko planters I've made in the past:


  1. Hello Melissa :)
    Like the Ginko planters !!

  2. wow, like the marietta, ohio ones. hope you're getting enough $ for them. beautiful! some bowls of mine sold recently. i think folks are thinking about Christmas already too--- and my inventory si so low! :( much to do.

  3. love the honeycomb pattern

  4. Amy, know what you mean- much to do, much to do.

    Hi Linda, Thanks, I'm happy it turned out well. I had some misgivings about the pattern showing up.


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