Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reality check on aisle 4, Planet Mars

Thank you, thank you , thank you to all my customers who recognize and appreciate unique, hand crafted items.  The farmer's market on Saturday was very successful thanks to you.  But, there was that one guy who came by towards the end of the market day.  The one who asked if the $15.00 price marked on a mug was for a set. That $15.00 price was on one of my "normal" sized mugs, not the large, but is considered a fairly low price in the pottery world even for an ordinary mug.  I didn't let on that I was insulted by the question, but I was.  I have to keep in mind that maybe in the big box stores you can get a set of mugs for $15.00, and that is his only frame of reference.  Too bad.  I do run into similar comments from time to time and wonder how those people have gotten through life without learning that some things take time, education, and experience, and don't we expect to pay for that?  Attorneys, accountants, plumbers for example. Health care!  Fortunately, I have customers who do recognize this and I had some great sales before Mars man came by.
The mug.

Bowl I had in last post.  I'm pretty satisfied with the glaze.  Something about the birds bugs me- need to think about that, but overall I'm O.K. with it.  I will take this to Riverside Artists Gallery this week.


  1. Thats a very nice mug! - prises are much higher in Norway, mugs like this size is between 200-300 Norvegian Krones ( 15 U.S.Dollars = 88,.. Norvegian Kr. ? ) - nice bowl too, especially like what the glaze do with the yellow part :)

  2. Some areas in the U.S. that can support those prices, but not where I live.
    That yellow part works for me too. Thanks!

  3. Sometimes people don't think. I however believe your mug is worth way more than that. One thing I wrestle with is the difference in prices that potters have on their pieces and have learned that the differences really affects others. No easy solutions; I just hope you raise your prices! :) And of course, the buyers don't understand and ask crazy questions. All the best-

    1. There is not much of a concentration of potters in my area so hard to compare. When I sell on Etsy I usually raise my price, partly because of the extra time listing and shipping takes, partly because I can compare my work to others who are also selling there and get an idea of where I should stand with prices. I do have customers who realize that my prices are reasonable. Some of them check out galleries and art/craft shows when they travel so perhaps that accounts for their more well-rounded view.


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