Tuesday, November 5, 2013

be original!

It's a thought I've had percolating for some time, but at this start of the holiday season (ergggh) I thought it was a good time to drag it out:  While there are those who do shop locally and include local craftspeople/artists in their shopping itinerary, many more do not and could benefit from the opportunity to be original in their gift giving. And not just for giving to others- for themselves, too.  I think for many people there is an intimidation factor or a kind of mental block about going into a gallery and buying original art, though most will not hesitate to buy a mass produced picture at a department store.  I'm not necessarily dissing the mass produced stuff, by the way.  I have a black and white photographic print of some bottles I bought at Kmart years ago.  Still like it, but it is the only non-original art in my home.  I prefer original art because, to me, there is value in knowing that each piece has a connection to the maker.
Why the intimidation factor?  Most people think of price and some galleries are very pricey.  Look around- quite a few are reasonable.  Of course, what is reasonable is relative.  Do you spend $50.00 or more a week eating out, have season sports tickets, replace electronic equipment even when it still works so you can get the latest new thing, or have an embarrassing quantity of shoes?  You get the picture.  Chances are, given the range of prices, many can afford original art even if they have to be careful about the luxuries. There must be something more to the reluctance to buy original art then. Maybe something about making a decision and wondering if it's the right one. Start visiting galleries and ask questions. Consider it continuing education. Ask gallery workers about the artists.  Find out if the artists have a website.  Notice what appeals to you. Eventually you will feel more comfortable with the idea of owning and giving original art.

Coincidentally, this Friday, Nov. 8, from 6:00 to 9:00. is the Merchants and Artists Walk.  Riverside Artists Gallery members have made gifts for the season in the $50.00 and under range.  This special section of the gallery will continue though November and December. Be original!

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